Follow Your Spirit

“Spirit of the East” was sold in a charity auction to raise funds for protesters at Standing Rock.


“Spirit of the East”

Watercolor and Gouache on 140# Cold Press Paper

©WaysideArtist 2017

na d’Onofrio


3 thoughts on “Follow Your Spirit

  1. I’m not sure how I missed this incredible painting or where it was donated, but I absolutely love it and the cause you supported.
    I marvel at your work and the focus you show in expressing your creativity in the midst of life’s crazy never ending distractions.
    Wonderful, brilliant.


    • Sheila, thank you for chiming in at anytime about my work. When I think back, I worked on this the last 2 weeks of my mother’s life. It was a relief and a release for me to work on it. I delivered it to the auction the day after she died, then completely forgot about this blog. Last year I swore I’d maintain a website. Oh well, I know there’s a quote about intentions…but that’s your mètier!!
      I always love hearing your thoughts on my artwork. I would’ve gotten nowhere without your support. Even though we’ve never met, I love and T dearly. Your friendship is everything. 💓❤️💓

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      • I had thought you must have done that painting while your mother was so unwell. Sometimes our art frees us from the shackles of the omnipresence. Thankfully.
        Your work is truly remarkable, Ann. T and I are your biggest fans.

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